V-I (with a few stops in between)

We have a big weekend coming up in Sligo – Theme Night 20 takes place this coming Friday and Saturday
It’s like a blind date with The Eagles. Audiences know we’ll be playing their music, but they don’t know who will be in the band, who is singing what, or who has decided to put their own twist on something.

I love these nights for many reasons – one of which is that I get to know the music of a particular artist really well for a period of time. The challenges of each theme are different, and this time I reckon if we can get the guitars and the harmonies right we’ll go a long way to putting on a good show. If we do, I hope to show you some footage of the performances next week.

The Eagles wouldn’t be renowned for tricky chord sequences, but you’d be surprised when you get into the music. The first chord of the chorus of Witchy Woman had me stuck for a while…would be interested to hear what anyone thinks it is!
However this time one of my favourites is Take It to the Limit, and I love the chord changes between the 1st and 2nd Verse (0:40-0:48). Billy Joel uses exactly the same sequence at the end of the Bridge in Piano Man (in C, 1:27-1:31), as does Elton John between Verses 1 and 2 in Tiny Dancer (also in C, 1:01-1:05).

Music is full of V-I sequences. This is a nice way of getting from V-I. 5 chord, then 5 over 4, then the 1 over 3, the 5 (dominant) over 2 which leads you back nicely to the 1. Any musicians out there try it!


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