Perception – does it matter?

I am an Everton fan. Ever since they scored a last minute equaliser vs Sheffield Wednesday in a televised match in the 3rd Round of the FA Cup in January 1988. The tie went to three replays before Everton won 5-0 and I was hooked.


Today Everton got rid of their manager, Sam Allardyce. He has built up a reputation of being a very practical manager who will save struggling teams from being relegated while playing fairly basic, unattractive football.


He did exactly this with Everton this season. The problem is, Everton see themselves as a big club who traditionally aren’t in relegation trouble and play attractive football, and so Allardyce’s record and reputation counted against him when Everton were looking for someone to bring them forward next season.


I was once told – by someone I look up to – that while I was putting so much energy and time into theme nights, that I would be seen as a guy who puts on shows, not as an artist.

I had to have a good think about that – to figure out firstly was it true, and if so did it bother me, and did I need to change anything as a result.


How do people see you?

Is it how you want to be seen?

Does that matter to you?

Is it preventing you from getting/doing work that you want?

How can you change how you are perceived?


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