The big picture

I moved house recently. Back to the house in which I grew up actually. The back garden looks out onto Knocknarea and while I know the view very well, it is one of which I will never tire.

Yesterday one of our next-door neighbours made his first holy communion and we were all invited over. It was a lovely day and it brought back great memories. I hadn’t been in that garden since I was a child myself 25 or 30 years ago. I stood outside for a while and had a lovely few minutes remembering the stuff we used to get up to and looking at the view.

And then it hit me – although it’s just next door, everything looked so different. Even this very slight change of angle meant that I was looking at the same trees, fields and mountains with different eyes.

And then I looked into our back garden, and again I was astounded. Something that was so familiar to me (from standing inside it) suddenly looked sompletely different from the outside.

Remember that everything you look at is seen through your eyes. Remember also that someone else’s eyes will see the same thing differently, and that you can see the same things in a new way by changing the angle ever so slightly and trying to see it through someone else’s eyes.

The picture isn’t complete if you don’t notice yourself looking at the view.


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