The Reel Movement

Songs and tunes can have all sorts of structures. There are some conventional ones (listed below), which help both the writers/performers and listeners classify, recognise and get comfortable immediately with songs new and old.


You have the classic Verse/Chorus structure and variants of it (eg Penny Lane/Happy/Hotel California)

The AABA form of many jazz standards (Somewhere Over the Rainbow/Yesterday/The Way You Look Tonight)

The AABB form of many traditional Irish tunes.

Verse/Verse/Verse and so on with no chorus (eg Heartbreak Hotel/The Boys of Ballisodare/Amazing Grace)

The more recent pop structure of Verse/Bridge/Chorus (eg Perfect/Piano Man/Someone Like You)


And then you have pioneers who create new structures.

This is my favourite tune from our album Melodic Reflection – The Reel Movement (written by Seamie).

He may correct me, but I make the structure to be Intro/ABCCDDC/Intro/ABCCDDC/Outro…enjoy it everybody.


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