Energy…and a fiesta!

Four things about energy.

  1. It’s contagious.
  2. What you give out you will get back.
  3. Young people have lots of it
  4. It’s good to hang around with them – you will feed off it.

How can you put energy into a performance – well look at this video

– notably…

0:03 – Eoin and Paddy running on to do BVS

0:08 – Ollie’s guttural scream

0:23 – Check out the audience responding to the horn section clapping

0:53 – Look at how un-selfconscious Ollie is when not singing. Do you remember how hard that is at that age?!

1:18 – The smiles and enthusiasm of the horn section when clapping along to Verse 2.

1:50 – Look at Ollie’s suit. Thanks EJ!

2:01 – The smiles on the faces of the string section.

2:07 – The obvious craic being had by Fraser and Peadair on saxophones…

2:16 – The bass fill!

2.32 – The contentment on the face of Dave on guitar.

2:39 – The horn section are still clapping!

3:10 – Conor on melodica has been a ball of energy throughout but now look at the extra high leg pumping for the last instrumental break.

3:45 – The spontaneous standing ovation hence heads blocking the camera.


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