Connect? connect? CONNECT!!

So theme night mania has subsided for another few months, and I find when that happens, my mind enters a different state.

While for the last few weeks it has been very much in project management mode (contact/rehearse/organise) – when things get a bit quieter it gets back to being more open and inquisitive (read/listen/think).

One theme has emerged for me in the last few days – common to this article I read, this podcast I heard, and this Ted Talk I watched (thanks to a reader of this blog for sending it on to me) – the theme of connection.

The article says meaningful human connections will help you live longer, the podcast interviewee bases big career decisions on whether they will help him make more, and the Ted Talk speaker says they have made her music career possible.

It’s never been easier to make connections than it is now.

Don’t confuse quantity for quality.

Make some real ones – it’s good for you.


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