Practice the bow!

There is a lot of children’s music happening in my car these days – it’s the wonderful stage of life we are at. Some I like, some I don’t, and so I try to make sure that the last song played before we get to our destination is one of my favourites, since that is the one that will stay in my head for the day!

The Leinster rugby team play the final of the Pro14 League this weekend. It is the second most important competition for them and they have already won the main one this year. It is their last game this season.

In 2012 they were in a similar position and lost the second final. I have heard their management talk this week about this, saying that despite their earlier achievements, this loss ruined their summer, since the last game is the one that stays with you.

It’s why musicians always finish the show with a big number, because that’s the one that the audience will remember most.

But what about the bow?! How do you take your applause when that big number is over? You can blow the audience away with your music, but if you have no plan for after that, it can look very unprofessional. The crowd won’t remember it if it’s good, but they might if it’s bad.

It won’t take long. Practice the bow.


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