The end…or the beginning??

So this is the 35th of 35 daily blogs which I decided to write on the train to Dublin one Wednesday at the start of April.

It’s something I had thought about doing for a long time, but like most people who think of doing something new, I had concerns and fears which prevented me from doing it. Until I decided to.

I expected it to be really difficult, but it has been easier than that. I have never considered myself to be a writer, but I guess everyone has a voice, and something to say. Writer’s block wasn’t an option – I had to produce something every day, in a short space of time, and I did.

Some blogs were stronger than others, none were perfect, but each one connected somehow with somebody. What’s more, doing it made my day better.

For anyone interested, it took approx an hour a day which included time uploading to the various media platforms. I had 2 blogs written before Day 1, and had also noted down 8-10 ideas for blogs, most of which I used throughout the 35 days. I wrote every word myself.

I wanted to stay away from looking at the numbers but didn’t always succeed.

I have a bit of down time coming up so will consider whether it is something I will do again, but for now I’d like to say a huge thanks to everyone who responded, in person, by email and on social media.

I haven’t had time to reply to all of you, but it was heart-warming to know that you were reading, and that they were making you think.

Finally – the big lessons I have learned…

Challenge yourself to think.

Give yourself time to create.

Show more of yourself and others will respond.

Just do it.


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