Ahppy Byrthdai!

I saw a bunch of dancers sing Happy Birthday off the cuff the other night. It was fascinating to watch the different ways they moved their bodies to convey the message of the song.

If you hear a bunch of singers sing Happy Birthday it’s always about how many harmonies they can put in.

Instrumentalists playing it will try and play interesting chords under the tune and improvise in new ways around the melody lines.

And it always sounds great!

But it’s precisely because people know it so well that they can have such fun with it. The better you know a song – the easier it is to improvise over it and the more fun you can have expressing yourself in your own individual way.

It’s the same with a speech, a presentation or any type of performance.

If you want to deliver something to the best of your ability, get to know it as well as you know Happy Birthday.


One thought on “Ahppy Byrthdai!

  1. What great advice…in a world of such anxiety at times. .the doubt that creeps in sometimes at not being good enough… . know it well and live it confidently. .. thank you!

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