I first heard of Eddie Lee almost 14 years ago. When I mentioned to my piano teacher in music college that I was from Sligo, he told me I had to meet him. ‘What a bass player’ were his words.

Less than 14 days ago a colleague asked me who was going to be on bass for an upcoming gig we’re doing. When I mentioned it was Eddie, his face lit up and he expressed his delight saying ‘if Eddie Lee can’t play it, it’s not worth playing’!


Eddie Lee is getting a lot of love and praise at the moment, and rightly so. Last week was another hugely successful Sligo Jazz Festival, the details of which have been covered extensively in these pages and elsewhere. He has created something significant, something lasting, and something that makes our town a better place in which to live.

However for the other 51 weeks of the year Eddie is a bass player, and a damn good one.

I was lucky to play with him in my first ever band in Sligo, and on a regular basis since, the most recent being last night (see pic above)! Through his actions and words, I have learned many lessons from him over the years…and I feel it’s worth repeating them today.

It’s possible to make a living as a musician without being a star.

Good music is good music – don’t worry too much what the genre is.

Play what’s best for the song, not for you.

Work is work. Respect it.




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