What makes a good duet?

Well among other things…Good writing. Good song structure. Harmony. Good blend of voices. And chemistry.


Chris Baillie (above left) is a performer to his bones. This is a shot from last Thursday’s 80s gig at the Sligo Summerfest during his rendition of Midnight Oil’s Beds are Burning. Another song that sounds easy by the way until you try to play it! If you are interested see can you work out the time signature of both the intro and the bars leading into each chorus.


Back to my point though. Chris strutted around the stage and energised not only the audience but also the band to the point where I am shouting along with him as if my life depended on it in the picture above. There is clear chemistry there, not sure about a good blend of voices or harmony, but that’s OK because as you can see I’m well away from the mic!

And this is what really excites me about the next theme night (#21 – Duets, Sept 26&27).

We will have at least three sets of sisters singing together, two father/son combinations and lots of other really interesting pairings. The song choices are wonderful, and I have no doubt that the harmonies and blend of voices will be top notch in all cases.

However, what will elevate a performance to the next level is the chemistry between the perfomers. Can two people who don’t usually sing together convince the audience that this song was written for them, that they believe every word of it, and they wouldn’t sing it with anyone else??!

The good news…is that you can come to see these questions answered for yourself! There are a small number of tickets left – and you can snap them up here.

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