When you disagree with something…

An article by the name of ‘The Tragic Decline of Musical Literacy (and Quality)’ caught my eye last week.

It made a lot of points with which I agreed, but overall I came away with a slightly uneasy feeling about it.

I was going to write a blog picking apart the bits I didn’t like, but instead I’d like to thank the author for writing it and recommend you all read it here.



Well firstly as I said I think it makes some good points. And secondly, reading something with which you disagree causes you to think. Why do I disagree with this? What do I believe instead? And if Mr. Jon Henschen didn’t go to the effort to write what he believes, I wouldn’t have taken the time to answer these questions for myself.

Today’s world is full of choice. If you don’t like something, no need to get upset by it or feel you have to disprove it. Instead, learn what you can from it, and move on. If you want something you like, keep looking for it, or (even better) create it.


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