My art gallery experience

The National Gallery of Ireland is a beautiful building, inside and out. I was there for the first time recently, and I had my usual experience in an art gallery.


I enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere. I marvelled at the beauty of the rooms. This time even the lift was artistic. But what was on the walls – the main attraction – did nothing for me.

A good friend of mine who is really into his visual art is amazed by this – I think it’s particularly because I am a musician, a creative person – but I am yet to find a painting or drawing that really interests me, let alone one that moves me.

This puzzles me too. I sometimes even feel guilty about it. But it also reassures me.

Because when I look at it from another side – from the view of someone creating something, someone who wants to interest and move people – I think of my experience with visual art and I remember that some, in fact most people won’t be into what I create.

And that’s fine. No need to try and convert them – I know from my many trips to art galleries that that isn’t likely to work.

But as you can see from the picture above there was a good crowd in the gallery, and I’m guessing that unlike me, most of them were there because they were interested in what was on the walls.

Find more of those people.

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