Feeding time

Feeding time at any animal trough is chaotic. Creatures jostling for position, wolfing down their food as fast as possible before someone else gets it, or it’s all gone.


When we can help it, we don’t eat like this. Research and advances in biological science have shown us the value that can be got from eating slowly and digesting properly.

Food for the brain is the same. If you feed yourself in an environment full of distractions, or where you’re under pressure to feed as quickly as possible, your brain is not going to get as much out of the food as it should. Equally, if you don’t give yourself time to digest it, think about it, reflect upon it, your brain won’t process the new learnings to the best of its ability.

It’s worth thinking about the way you feed your brain every so often. And not just about what you’re feeding it, but also how. Take your time.


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