Back to school

“It’s that time of the year again’.

‘Can you believe another year has passed?’

‘I can’t believe how big they’re getting!’


These and many other similar lines are popular conversation starters at this time of the year. Uttered between parents, colleagues, friends and family members up and down the country and indeed all over the world.

They can create a sense of life slipping away, of the years going by too fast. They can remind us of unfulfilled dreams and ambitions, unrealised ideas and wishes. But only if you let them.

The thing is – it is that time of the year again. Another year has passed. Time moves on and there is no stopping it.

So do something. This is the second best time of year to start anew, to make some decisions that will help you live your life in the way you want to. A year well lived is made up of weeks, days, moments well lived. And we can all do it better.

In 365 days the schools will reopen after the summer again. And how you will feel then is decided by the actions you take now.



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