Hey Jude…

…was first released 50 years ago last Sunday. 26 August 1968 to be precise.

Did you know?

  • When the band started the take they ended up using, Ringo was in the bathroom. McCartney heard him tiptoeing in behind him, and when the drum fill came in bang on time on the 50 sec mark, McCartney knew this was going to be the take.
  • The piano McCartney plays on Hey Jude is the same one that Freddie Mercury played on Bohemian Rhapsody, and Rick Wakeman played on Life on Mars.
  • If you listen closely at 2:56 (on the audio track), you can hear McCartney utter the words ‘Woah, f***ing hell’. The take was so good they decided to use it anyway and just placed this outburst as low as possible in the final mix.

It’s a song of consolation, of friendship, of joy. Possibly the last time that The Beatles as a band felt these emotions together.

If you need any of that in your day today – have a look at the video the band released of the song. It reminds you that behind the stories, the songs, the personalities, the Beatles were a band like any other band. Check out the jam at the very start. Or later on when you can see Paul giving John his cues (2:46), George expressionless throughout, but then getting caught up in the joyous nature of the singalong outro (5:49) and Ringo happy out at the back keeping it all going (many times throughout).

It reminds you of the power of music, of song. It’s good for you.


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