All-Ireland Final Day

There are Irish people all over the world feeling a bit out of sorts today because the All-Ireland football final, an important marker in their calendars, is taking place at least 2 weeks earlier than usual.

A friend of mine told me once that after being out of Ireland for a few years, he could feel his mind and body craving the natural rhythm of the Irish seasons.

You’ll sleep better if you go to bed at the same time each night.

You’ll find it easier to train or study if you are in a routine.

It’s what you’re used to. And it’s great…when it works. But it won’t work forever.


The All-Ireland final was moved because club players all over the country felt they didn’t have enough time to run off their competitions before winter set in.

That friend of mine – he came back to Ireland soon after, but he also had previously felt the need to leave, because something wasn’t working for him at home.

Routine, rhythm, habits can all help you produce better work. Don’t let them hold you back from making change when it is needed however.








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