Your name

Jim. Facebook. The Beatles. Aisling. Starbucks. U2. Sienne. Adidas. Pink Floyd.

If you have ever tried to name a child, a company, a band, or indeed anything else that needs a name, you’ll know that it can be a complicated process.

Many books have been written, many lists have been compiled, and many companies have been formed in order to try and help people/cash in on people’s inability to choose.


All sorts of factors come into play. How it sounds, what associations it brings up, what message it gives, and other stuff that may be important to you but that I can’t even think of right now. Indeed one of the reasons my parents chose my name was because it couldn’t be shortened.

The thing is, you, your company or your band become your name. Go back to the first line of this blog and consider how strange these names would look and sound if you didn’t know a person/company/band with this name.

The actions you take, the decisions you make and the reputation you gain will determine what other people think of your name. These are the most important factors in other people deciding whether they like your name or not.

And while it’s hard (but possible) to turn a bad name into a good one, it’s easy to do the opposite.

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