I dislike the audition process. It introduces competition into an area I believe it shouldn’t be. However I also accept that when 50 girls want to be involved in a production that only has room for 25, there aren’t many better ideas out there on how to decide.


Coolera Dramatic Society’s annual Christmas pantomime will be performed once again in Sligo in the weeks leading up to Christmas this year. It is the 40th consecutive year that the society have produced a pantomime and it is a huge part of the Christmas tradition in Sligo.

So big in fact that there is never enough room for all the people that want to be in it, and indeed all the people that want to go to it.

Auditions don’t just happen in the world of theatre and drama though. Job interviews, funding applications, sporting contests – there are many ways in which processes similar to auditioning form part of our lives – moments where the verdict of somebody else can have a significant impact on our path in life. Disappointment is inevitable along the way.

Thankfully however, there are many parts we already have in life. Each one of us plays many roles – we are mothers, friends, students, teammates, sons, drivers, coaches, creators, athletes, and many other things every day.

And so to the 25 disappointed teenagers in and around Sligo this morning, try to forget about the part you didn’t get. Focus instead on improving at the parts you already have in your life. This will do three things.

It will lessen your disappointment at missing out on this part, it will make you more likely to get the next part, and most importantly, it will reduce the importance of what someone else thinks of your skills.


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