The rehearsal night before a theme night can be full of tension and nerves.

Singers trying to remember words. Hearing how their song sounds with the band for the first time. Musicians attempting to play correctly parts they have often only just seen. Trying to keep up with directions given out. The musical director hoping that everything will come together and struggling to keep on top of a lot of moving parts. All in a very short space of time.

Into this atmosphere yesterday walked Sandy Kelly, and immediately when she accompanied her first note with a mischievous smile, the whole room relaxed. She had fun with the song, and hence made us all have fun too, and as you can see below, she even got a smile out of Georgie!


I always love to work with Sandy. She is first and foremost a singer, and always makes sure to connect the audience to the song she is singing, through not only her voice but also her actions on stage. However you don’t survive as long as she has in the music business without being more than a singer. I have learned an awful lot from her professionalism, and her generosity is heart-warming.

Indeed when a singer of her stature got involved with the theme nights, it gave them some extra credibility in the music world and I will always be grateful to her for that. Those of you coming to the show tonight are in for a treat with the duet she will sing with Georgie…

Here’s a song we recorded together last year. It’s one that meant a lot to both of us, and listening back to it reminds me of some wonderful memories.


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