Rubber necks

Isn’t it funny how necks are sometimes described as brass and sometimes as rubber? I’m here to talk about the rubber variety today.

I once undertook a 72-hour bus journey in Australia. A 52-hour one another time in Peru. It’s not as bad as you might imagine. Lots of time to think. I was on a far shorter journey recently and found myself getting more frustrated than on either of those trips.

This journey was just the 5 hours. We travelled mainly on a motorway and mainly at a decent speed. At one stage of the journey though, the traffic slowed considerably. It took about 30mins to navigate approximately 5 kilometres, and I assumed there must have been a crash ahead.

And there was. On the other side of the road.

And as soon as we passed it, the traffic cleared and we resumed our normal speed.

I was astounded. This 30-min traffic jam was caused solely because of rubbernecking. People on the opposite side of the road slowing down so as to see what had happened. Curiosity. Nosiness. And hundreds, maybe thousands of cars had to endure a considerable traffic jam as a result.

It’s the same when working on any sort of a team project. If you get distracted by what others are doing, no matter how dramatic it sounds, you’re not just going to slow yourself down, you’re going to slow down others around you.

Keep your eye on the prize. What others are doing doesn’t matter.


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