An empty stage

The day after a big show is a strange one. Especially if you go back into the venue to collect some gear.

The auditorium of the previous evening is now no more than a black floor with a few markings and bare walls. The bright colourful lights are gone, replaced by their dim house counterparts. And the energy created by the performers, crammed into those few square metres, has long since disappeared.

The 1984 Talking Heads film Stop Making Sense (opening scene here) cleverly shows how skilled technicians and performers can transform an empty theatre stage into a venue fit for a world-class rock concert.

It doesn’t work all the time. Not every gig is a success. But with the right vision, plan and execution what seems like nothing can be turned into something.


It’s the same when an architect looks at an empty field or an old house. Or when a sculptor looks at a block of wood.

Potential is everywhere. It’s up to us to turn it into something.

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