Making a place home…

Today’s blog is a little bit off-topic and Sligo-focused.

My weekend started with a surprise visit from some friends from Dublin.

They had been in Sligo town earlier that day and were asking me how the place is faring. A few visible empty premises in the town centre had given them cause to worry. I told them that actually there is a real buzz about the place at the minute but I just wish they could have accompanied me for the rest of the weekend so they could have seen for themselves.

I wrote in yesterday’s blog about the play I saw on Friday night.

Saturday night found me at the Chamber of Commerce Ball, where positivity and energy oozed from every corner of the room.

And this morning I took part in a walk to commemorate the more than 600 Sligomen who died in World War I. Each of us represented an individual soldier who lost their life and the event, unique to Sligo in the country today, was extremely well run and attended.

I congratulated an old neighbour of mine last night on winning an award at the Chamber Ball. He works for a company called Overstock, who recently announced 100 new jobs for the town.
He said to me…”we can provide jobs to bring people here, but we need people like you to bring the life to the town that will keep them here”.

So to Niall and all in the Blue Raincoat Theatre Company, to Aidan, Fiona and all who organised the Chamber Ball, and to Simone who put so much into this morning, thanks for doing just that.

Finally to all in EJ Menswear, thanks for decking me and half the town out for the ball. This version of Dedicated Followers of Fashion is for you lads.

It’s people that make places feel like home. Every one of us can play our part.

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