Facebook reviews and persistency

This morning I have been having a discussion with someone I know – let’s call her Pauline – about putting a review up on the Facebook page she has for her business. It would be a good, and legitimate review, as I experienced what she does recently and it was fantastic.

Pauline asked me to post one a few weeks ago, and having thought about it for a while, this morning I declined, and have been trying to explain my reasons. I did say that I would be happy to recommend her service privately, but that I didn’t feel comfortable posting a public review.

Pauline has been persistent in her request, and I admire her for that, because persistence is generally a good skill to have in life. If you have it, you are more likely to succeed at tasks that take some doing. I have been told by many radio DJs, reviewers and journalists that they are more likely to read your email (which probably requests them to play/listen to/write about your music) if they receive it more than once.

But I also believe that excellence trumps persistence every time. If you have a killer track, the radio DJ is going to want to play it without you even having to ask. If you have a reputation in the music business as the best trumpeter in Ireland, then when Michael Bublé comes to Dublin and his trumpeter gets sick, he’ll ask for recommendations and you’ll get the gig.

But that recommendation will have come from someone in the know, someone who has knows how good you are at what you do, not from a review you have asked someone to put on your Facebook page.

Now I know that there is a balance to be struck here. Every business has a different marketing strategy, and for some, it might be to get as many favourable Facebook reviews as possible. And if you have decided that that’s your strategy, then you have to be persistent in following it. It’s certainly true that if you have an amazing service and no-one knows about it then you’re not going to get any business.

However I also believe that you are going to be persistent, maybe it’s better to be persistent at thinking of ways to make your service better, at practicing your craft, or at finding that elusive word that best suits the lyric you are trying to write. Then you won’t need to be as persistent in other areas, because people will come looking for you, as they already do for Pauline.

It’s also better in the long run to get a gig because someone wants you, rather than because you have hounded them into submission. The dynamic when you actually go to do the gig will be far more favourable to you in that case, and you are also more likely to be asked back.

Sisyphus was persistent, but it ultimately didn’t do him any good. Be persistent by all means, but be sure you’re being persistent in the right areas.


4 thoughts on “Facebook reviews and persistency

  1. Yes indeed Frank – I edited it after emailing it – I sometimes do that if I’m not happy with a word or two. Better to do it before emailing it but sometimes I get some late thoughts.
    I see the difference it would make to your reply also.
    As I said before I appreciate you challenging my thinking on this – one of the main positives in writing these blogs for me is that it helps me to work out my thinking on various subjects – it was a tricky morning trying to work out this particular subject and maybe I do need to think more as there may be something deeper there as you suggested…will keep you informed!


  2. Hi Frank and cheers for reading, commenting and challenging me on this.

    My thinking may indeed be outdated and may change in the future but right now it’s what I believe.

    Maybe I will be looking for FB reviews for a business of mine some day or maybe for some other reason I will reconsider.
    And if I do there will prob be a blog about that too.



  3. Kieran
    Your blog in my email differs from that linked to your Facebook page. The difference is important in the context of my reply! Your blog in my email says “This morning I have been having a discussion with a friend of mine about putting a review up on the Facebook page she has for her business”. Your Facebook entry is “This morning I have been having a discussion with someone I know – let’s call her Pauline – about putting a review up on the Facebook page she has for her business”.!!

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  4. There’s more to this than meets the eye! Kieran, I think you have another reason for not wishing to leave a review other than the above lame ‘non excuse’ (purely my perception on reading and re-reading it). It may be that you’re getting old, lol and do not consider a Facebook review important (they are very important for new young businesses) or that you do not want to be accused of recommending a friend (even though it’s, as you say, legitimate).

    Whatever, the bottom line is, a friend has asked you to post an honest review of their service which you say is excellent and you refuse to do so! I think you should reconsider.

    Great job with the blog, I read them all.


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