Black Friday…

…wasn’t always ‘a thing’. Especially in Ireland and Europe. But now it is.


Why? Because a large amount of people, who had a large amount of money, decided they wanted it to be ‘a thing’, mainly because it would benefit their bottom line. It has been ‘a thing’ in the USA for years – it falls on the day after Thanksgiving and is traditionally the biggest shopping day in their year.

American retailers with interests in other countries decided to start promoting the idea of Black Friday in these countries, and when enough investment, time and thought is put into something, it will probably come to pass.

Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day are other examples of making ‘a thing’ out of nothing.

But it’s not just big multinational companies who can do this.

If any of us decide that we want something to be ‘a thing’, and put enough time, investment and thought into it, it will probably come to pass. It might not change the shopping culture of the world, but it might positively affect the atmosphere in your office, the musical culture in your town, or the way you see yourself in the world.

Deciding to make one of those ‘a thing’ would be a good investment to make on Black Friday.


2 thoughts on “Black Friday…

  1. Great to hear from you Jonathan! And thanks for your encouragement – I’m glad to hear all is well with you. All the best to you too…


  2. Hi Kieran! I fully agree! And I am
    delighted that that magic you refer to is in your music.
    With enough time, planning, the right partners and, yes, investment, you can make almost any dream come true. Worked for me.
    Luck is not magic, luck is onesy-twosy, but magic is the consistency to keep going during the hard times! All the best to your success my friend

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