Highlights – the good and bad

Our lives are increasingly about highlights. Showing the highlights of each day/week to our followers on social media. Watching the highlights of a sporting event online instead of sitting through the whole game. Streaming the tracks you want instead of listening to the whole album. We can pick and choose what we reveal, what we watch and what we listen to to a far greater extent than ever before.

If you want to truly experience something, to understand it, to live it, highlights are no good however, and despite all the changes in our world we still know this to be true. Seeing a good friend’s pictures on Instagram doesn’t compare to actually meeting and catching up. People are still willing to pay good money to attend live sporting and musical events, because they know that no matter how slickly the highlights are put together, it still can’t compare to the whole, live experience.

Theme Night #22 will happen next February, and will feature a carefully selected set of highlights from the previous 21 shows, telling the story of how the nights reached this point in their evolution.

I am currently figuring out what the set will be, and am looking for input from fans of the shows on what they would like to hear. I’d love for you to leave a comment on this blog with one of your highlights from the shows so far. If you would like a chance to win two tickets to the show and a couple of seats on the Thomas Connolly’s bus up and down to Dublin however, just go to my Facebook page and do the same.

Below is a short video with some highlights (not necessarily the ones that will be featured in Feb). I’m very happy with how it turned out. But it’s nothing compared to what the gig will be like on the night.


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