When our eyes deceive us…

I had to look at this sign twice today.


Because I did read the top line wrong. I thought the ‘if’ was before the ‘I’, as it would usually be, but it wasn’t.

We think our senses never deceive us, that we see what is in front of us, but in fact what we see is partly determined by what is there, and also partly determined by our expectations and beliefs about what should be there, and our experiences of what has been there in the past.

It’s the reason why two musicians, playing the same tune at the same tempo together, afterwards disagree on whether it was too fast or too slow.

And why supporters of a particular politician will view his actions in a completely different way to how his opponents will.

Once we realise what is shaping our view of things, and take it into account, we will start to experience them in a truer way.

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