If I was to hazard a guess – out of all the musicians I have played with in my life, I have gigged more with Sinead Conway than anyone else.

She is an incredible singer in my book – versatile, powerful, passionate, polished, and has been responsible for countless musical highlights for me on theme nights and other gigs we have done together over the years. Apart from her voice, her instincts and ears make her someone whose opinions, suggestions and ideas I always listen to.

In years gone by, we would have spent almost every minute of the days between the 27th and 31st Dec in each others company, travelling up and down the country from wedding to wedding. Only today we were recounting the time we finished playing our friend’s wedding at the bottom of Co. Wexford at 2am one night and had to be in the cathedral in Letterkenny for midday the next day. Madness in one way, but we learned our craft together, and have developed a musical relationship where we know what the other one is thinking and can try things on the fly accordingly.


We don’t play as many weddings together as we used to, and today we played our last one of 2018. It was a really special one, a family we both knew, and one of the most memorable and fun ceremonies at which I have ever played actually. As the celebrant said after O Holy Night, “Sinead nailed it”. No surprise there.

Today however she also told me that she has been inspired by a Kindness Advent Calendar to give more compliments for the month of December, and that she is really enjoying doing it.

So I decided to write this blog in the complimentary spirit, to encourage others to do the same. Because if you give a compliment it not only makes the complimentee feel good, it makes you feel good too. As long as it’s true. Try it.

3 thoughts on “Sinead

  1. Yes I agree Kieran and Sinead! The more you compliment a person, if it is true, the better you feel! I know the advent calendar and all of the days prompt one to do something good! We are here just for a short while and make it the best that you can be! ❤️❤️🤗🤗

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