All set?

It’s a great feeling. Being all set.

The last rehearsal done, the setlist finalised, the music in order. All that’s left to do is play the gig, and enjoy every minute of it.

It’s a question you hear regularly this time of year too – “all set for the Christmas?”

It’s another great feeling – having the last present wrapped, the last card posted. All that’s left to do is enjoy the presence of family and friends.

I’m not remotely all set yet (for either Christmas or next year’s Vicar St. gig – but that’s neither here nor there. Sending out the VIP tickets this morning to the many people who have bought them gave me a little teaser of what it will feel like though.

We’re bringing almost 80 musicians to Dublin for the night, and so the gig literally would not be able to happen without your support – and so it’s a really important part of my Christmas to get the tickets out to you all in time and thank you.


PS if you’re not yet all set, maybe some tickets for this one-off event might help you get there.

Or…if you really want to treat someone, and support this special Sligo musical celebration – you can get VIP tickets here.

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