Learning from others.

I read today that one New Year’s Resolution you should make for 2019 is to surround yourself with people who know more than you, or people who are better than you at the thing at which you’re trying to improve.

And I see the logic in it. And I am all up for learning from others.

But instead of pinpointing certain people in whose company you want to spend more time, and somehow figuring out ways in which you can actually achieve that, why not open our mind to those in whose company we spend time as it is?


If I wanted to focus in 2019 on becoming a better piano player, the New Year’s resolution mentioned above would not recommend me to spend more time in the company of either James Blennerhassett (bass) or Francie Lenehan (guitar – both pictured above). As far as I know, neither of them plays piano very well.

Yet despite not playing with either man particularly often, I know that the times I have done so and the times I have been in their company have made me a better piano player. Both men have played a hell of a lot more gigs than I have, have experience and knowledge to (literally) beat the band, and each time I have played with them, I have learned something, be it their professional habits, their choice of notes, or indeed their choice of shirts!

You can learn something from everyone in this world. You just need to be open and ready.

One thought on “Learning from others.

  1. Kieran, it’s great to play or sing with people who get it and who can improvise at the drop of a hat when uncertainty sinks in. I agree, it’s great to discover and learn things by oneself if your head and heart takes you there. So, don’t let the plague of doubt ever worry you. Just pretend you’re ‘high’ and you’ll float drug-free. By the way, bought 2 tickets today while in Derry….it’s practically booked out for 7th. Might even say ‘Hello’ on the night. Happy Season right into 2019. Deirdre O’Donnell.

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