Revisited: Theme Night #10 (Burt Bacharach)

Part 3 in the series…

This was one of the 4 theme nights that took place in The Velvet Rooms – Source had closed, and anyway this venue could cater for bigger numbers, which suited us now that the nights were attracting larger audiences.

The band was still small enough that we could practice in my sitting room however. We had a lovely night where residents of the Plains in Strandhill gathered outside our window and had an impromptu summer party listening to the sounds of Sligo’s singers and musicians rehearse through some Bacharach numbers.


The choice of Bacharach’s music came about when we teamed up with the Sligo Jazz Project for this show. Eddie Lee and the gang launched their 2014 festival programme on the night, and given the pop/jazz nature of many of Bacharach’s songs, we thought it would be a good fit. It was great to have Ciaran Wilde and Cathal Roche in for this night on saxophones.

The songs though – what amazing songs. Have a look at the setlist below – what a catalogue this man has.


I had never heard Painted With Memory before this night, and Joe Hunt sang it so well that I have never forgotten it since. Georgie Gorman sang Arthur’s Theme (a collaboration between Christopher Cross, Burt Bacharach and some others) and blew it out of the water, and I’ll always remember Laura May Lenehan’s presence and soul on What the World Needs Now.


And of course by now a certain Tabby Callaghan had joined the theme night ranks and convinced me to allow him do Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, even though it wasn’t written by Bacharach at all but was vaguely in the same genre! We needed a finisher, so I agreed, and the rest is history.

PS – Just as of last night I picked the Bacharach song we will be doing in Vicar St on Feb 7 –  Theme Night #22 (The Story So Far). This gig will sell out, but there are still a small number of tickets left here.





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