The Entertainer

Scott Joplin’s 1902 ragtime classic is a favourite for piano students and players all over the world.

It’s a tune I love to jam with other musicians – it can be great fun to improvise around the melody, find new chords, and be loose with the tempo. There is a C and D section to this tune, but my short video here only features the better-known A and B sections.

Today’s questions are based on the above version (not identical to but based on the original).

  1. In what key is the piece?
  2. What is the time signature of the piece?
  3. In solfege, or numbers, name the 6 notes played in both hands and repeated during the intro.
  4. The last line of the A section (approx 0:30 on the video) makes use of a common musical technique – the same melody being played over different chords. What are the first four left hand chords played in this line?
  5. What is the chord played at the end of the descending sequence mentioned in Question 3?

Answers in tomorrow’s blog.



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