“SOLD OUT” can mean anything these days. Promoters/media often tell us gigs were sold out when they clearly weren’t. But those two words hold such power today, that people use them regularly, even when they aren’t true.

Likewise, “Only a few tickets left” doesn’t always mean what it says either – in fact it can often mean “Loads of tickets left but we’re trying to create a need in you to buy some now”.

And “Get your tickets now!” usually means “Not as many people as we hoped have bought tickets so now I’m going to use an exclamation mark because I really want people to buy them as soon as possible so I can calm my nerves”.

Regular readers and followers of this blog will know that I have a big event coming up – in the biggest venue to which I have ever brought a gig – and naturally I’m very excited about it. However I’m at the stage where I really need to focus in on the music and hence I won’t be mentioning it in any more blogs after today until it’s showtime.


Thankfully lots of tickets have been sold already, and we’re at the stage now where I can be confident that we’re going to have a fantastic atmosphere in the venue one way or the other.

What I will say is that yesterday Ticketmaster released the last batch of tickets, and there are some really good ones there.

So if you haven’t yet got tickets, and want to have a fantastic view, bring a group, or be sure of sitting with your friends, today the words ‘get your tickets now’ and ‘there are only a few tickets left’ are actually true.

PS for anyone travelling from Sligo, there are also some seats still left on the Thomas Connolly’s bus (up and back on the same day).

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