Revisited: Theme Night #15 (Piano Man)

Part 4 out of a 5-part series:

By now the theme nights had a new home. Marie O’Byrne in the Hawk’s Well Theatre had planted seeds by suggesting we try one there, possibly with the Sligo Academy of Music Sinfionetta and a choir. And so we did. It’s fun to see so many current older members of the teenage theme night crew look so young in the orchestra here.

Theme Night #15 (Piano Man) took place in May 2016 – it was the third consecutive theme night to take place in the Hawk’s Well, the second with the Sinfionetta, and the only one so far that has run for 3 nights.

And it was fun. It featured the music of Billy Joel and Elton John and hence there were lots of great piano lines, chords and improvising to get my head around.

And I sang! Followers of this blog will have read recent blogs where I wrote of the mental and physical benefits of singing and also the value of getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new. I did both that night, and enjoyed every minute, as you can see below.

Other highlights – well they were endless. I nearly brought this show to Vicar St again because it was so full of magic performances.


To name but a few – I remember Dean Gurrie on Goodnight Saigon, Michael, Robert, Neil, Luke, John on The Longest Time, Felip Carbonell on You May Be Right, John Kavanagh and Leonard Dorrian on Lullabye, Chris Baillie on An Innocent Man, and Stephen, Tiernan and Peter (all 18 at the time) with the orchestra on She’s Always a Woman to Me brought the house down.

A big show in the Story So Far.


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