Carolina Rua and Thom Moore

As Sligo prepares to to pay a musical tribute to one of it’s favourite musical sons – Thom Moore – this Friday, Ken and I jammed out a quick version of one of his most famous songs this morning – Carolina Rua.

Every Wednesday for January, the blog has been based on a particular song and I have posed some questions for people interested in improving their ears. This will be the last in this particular series, but I will continue this exercise in a different format next month, as it has proved to be popular among some readers. Stay tuned for news on that.

Today’s questions – based on this version.

  1. In what key is the song?
  2. How many beats in a bar?
  3. The first chorus comes in at 0:27 and the first two chords are the 5 and the 1. What is different about this particular 1 chord?
  4. The same melody sequence happens again at 0:32 and again it’s over a 5 chord. However the second chord this time is not a 1 chord. What is it?
  5. What is the chord played on Bar 13 of the chorus?

Answers in tomorrow’s blog.


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