What exactly is the creative process?

Last night some musical colleagues called around to my house to put a shape on a piece I’m writing for an upcoming show.

Afterwards my wife said she really enjoyed sitting in the room with us, seeing how the creative process worked.

It made me think about what that process was.

Looking back, it was little more than throwing around ideas, and picking which one we thought worked best. A little bit of polishing at the end and we had the bones of our piece.

And that’s the thing – there can sometimes be a myth around how certain things are created, but it’s actually not that hard most of the time. It just requires some focus, open-mindedness and some judgement at the end.

Also in today’s blog – a chord chart for Mary Black’s version of Carolina Rua – and the answers to yesterday’s questions.


  1. In what key is the song? Ab
  2. How many beats in a bar? 4
  3. The first chorus comes in at 0:27 and the first two chords are the 5 and the 1. What is different about this particular 1 chord? It’s played over the bass note of Eb (not Ab as you would expect).
  4. The same melody sequence happens again at 0:32 and again it’s over a 5 chord. However the second chord this time is not a 1 chord. What is it? 4 over 5 (Db/Eb)
  5. What is the chord played on Bar 13 of the chorus? Bb minor6





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