Showing respect

In a pub music culture, musicians realise that when patrons talk during their performance, it’s not necessarily disrespectful, in the same way as it would be in a theatre perhaps. People come to a pub for all sorts of reasons, and if the publican decides to put on some music it’s usually with the aim of adding to the quality of the night out for his customers, not of it being their sole focus.

But it’s sometimes a tricky situation for them, and indeed for any patrons who want to listen intently to the music. A loud conversation close by can be distracting, and while it’s not intended to disrespect the musicians or the listening punter, it’s certainly not ideal for either party.

However when a group of people come in to a pub and sit down right in front of the musicians, with the clear intention of not only listening to every note but also of gettingĀ  involved in any possible way – there’s no ambiguity here – this action shows respect. And it affects the mindset of not only the musicians playing, but also the rest of the crowd.

The more respect you are shown as a musician, the easier it is for you to show the audience the respect of delivering your best performance.

And it’s the same in any profession. Show a workmate the respect of a conversation without your phone in the room and they might be more inclined to show you some respect back the next time they have the opportunity.


PS this is Jos, who along with his mates sat his 6ft 5in frame down on the cold stone floor in front of us last night. He also happens to have an incredible musical brain and plays great keyboard. It’s rare as a piano player/keyboardist that you get to play with a fellow instrumentalist on a gig, so we were buzzing afterwards!


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