Theme Night TwentyThreeve

This room is now empty.

Except for a piano, a soon-to-be-packed away keyboard and stand, a leads bag, a chair, a couple of piano stools – and Chris Baillie’s gold jacket that has been here since the last theme night in February.


The many musicians who packed it during an energetic rehearsal last night will testify to how different it was then. Full of instruments and voices, chords and harmony, regulars and newcomers.

And that’s the thing – every room, every space, every moment has potential. It’s the thought, work and energy you put into it that can transform it from empty to full, from lifeless to vibrant, from silent to raucous.

And so I’m happy to say that my blog is back. Not every day (for now anyway), but I’m excited to once again regularly take on the challenge of transforming an empty screen into a collection of coherent words.

I look forward to seeing many of you this weekend at Theme Night #23. It’s different to any theme night so far. Looser. Larger. Rowdier. See you there. Or here.

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