The story of Chris, Luke and the Golden Jacket

This is Chris Baillie – ready for action in Vicar St last Feb – armed with his golden suit.


He came to me with an idea shortly after the curtain fell on Theme Night #23 a couple of weeks ago – he wanted to give his golden jacket to the Theme Nights – so that the person who most embodied the spirit of the theme night each time got presented with it and kept it until the following one.

Sometimes when an idea is presented to you it has to be seriously considered. You might go for it or you might turn it down. Other times you know it’s a good one straight away and the minute Chris mentioned this to me I knew it was gold.

So Luke Devaney was the inaugural winner of the golden jacket. He played accordion with gusto, sang and danced, got the audience singing along at the start of the gig, and even brought out the ladder for Jamie and Katelyn at the end on the last show!


And here is Luke’s performance of Old Dan Tucker from the show.

PS all of the videos from Theme Night #23 are now on YouTube. You’ll find a playlist here.




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