Farewell to the Class of 2019

We had a bit of everything last weekend as part of our 3rd Teenage Theme Showcase in the Hawk’s Well Theatre.

A showstopping ballad sung by Paddy Keyes – changed at late notice to the key of Gb (and transposed effortlessly by pianist Nils Kavanagh).

And our first ever rap performance at a teenage theme night. Maedhbh Spain made a brave but clever choice, asked for it to be as big as possible, and then just went for it.

But my favourite moment of the weekend?

It’s the small things. I was off stage for the start of the final number – where the 6th Yrs sing us out as a group. It’s usually my job as MD to count in the songs, and I realised too late that I was off stage, and couldn’t get back on quickly enough to count it in. Next thing I heard however was the voice of one of the 6th Yrs – ‘1, 2, 3, 4’ – counting the song in loud, clear and at the correct tempo.

On these nights and in the preparation for them we aim to foster a degree of musical skill, but more so everyday qualities such as the ability to take initiative, expression and independence. This simple action was a perfect example of such behaviour.


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