Don’t fall for the hype…

The Irish state end-of year school exams are collectively known as the Leaving Cert. And these exams are coming to an end this week. The long and often over-heated build-up to the first exam over two weeks ago is long gone and now anyone with exams left is dying to get them over with while they enviously watch their friends enjoying their new-found freedom.


At this point you are getting to the less glamorous subjects such as Economics, Applied Maths, Russian. Niche subjects that not many students take. But despite the lack of excitement around these exams, they will count for just as much as the likes of English, Maths and Irish, even though those early exams had far more hype and fanfare attached to them.

It’s a bit like releasing an album. Or a book. Or opening a new restaurant. The release date, the opening date gets all the hype while the work happens after that is just as important but often overlooked.

Treat the start and the hype as just that – the start and the hype. And always remember that it’s only one part of the job. The rest may not be as exciting, as glamorous, but it’s just as important.

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