‘You should record it’!

It’s a sentence often uttered when people hear something they like. Especially in an environment where it’s not clear if it has been recorded already before.


In fact only last night after the gig an audience member said it to me about an arrangement we performed of Both Sides Now and I also said it to a colleague about an few original tunes of his.

So what does it mean – from the point of view of the person who says it?

  1. It’s good. I like it.
  2. I would like to hear it again.
  3. What you played and the way you played it touched me and I think that others who weren’t here should get the chance to experience it.
  4. Other people may want to listen to or learn that tune you played tonight, and if it’s not recorded they can’t.

And here’s what it can mean from the musician’s point of view…

  1. It’s nice that you enjoyed the tune, and I’m glad you told me because sometimes it’s hard to know what audiences make of my music.
  2. Yes I’d love to record it but that’s going to take a lot of time and money and in this day and age it’s really hard to break even on any recording let alone make it financially worthwhile.
  3. Also – I know you think you like the tune now but you may have had a few drinks, you’re probably a bit high on the atmosphere of the gig and to be honest I’m really not sure will you remember the name of the tune in the morning let alone buy an album which contains it months from now.

Even so, you probably should record it.