Show me the money?

A friend of mine told me yesterday of a dilemma she had. It’s one often faced by musicians.

Whether to play the gig she had already committed to, or blow it off and take the substantially better paying gig that she had just been offered on the same date.


In fairness to her – it wasn’t a dilemma for her because she had made her decision very quickly on it, but it raises some interesting questions.

Do you value your word? Do you want others to value your word?

Do you take into account the people who have offered you these two gigs and the relationships you have with them, or is it a black-and-white issue?

Does the short-term monetary gain outweigh the possible long-term reputational damage?

Is there a ‘right’ thing to do here? By whose standards?

What would your peers or colleagues do? What would those you admire do?

What would you do?