Listening back…

I recently realised that since this blog started in early 2018, I haven’t released any new music.

That will hopefully change soon, but prompted by a conversation with a friend and colleague the other day, I had a listen back through the three albums and one EP I put out to the world between 2013 and 2017.

And it’s nice when some of the tracks still sound good to me. Some don’t and that’s OK too! Here are some of the ones that do…

Summer vibes for the day that’s in it…the title track of the 2017 EP – Our Place.

And for Spotify users…

The first piece I ever wrote – a solo piano track written in response to Yeats’ To A Child Dancing in the Wind. From my 2013 debut album Not Just Black and White. Here.

Most listened to on Spotify – The First Dance – with Seamie O’Dowd. The opening track on our 2017 duo album Melodic Reflection.

Written for violin and piano and featuring Niamh Crowley. The Wild Atlantic Way – from 2015’s The Next One.

And finally a bit of fun. A Sporting Life – my 2017 attempt to sum up 30 years of sporting memories here.