When your students make you proud…!

It’s summer camp season, and I had the pleasure of once again spending a week at the Donegal Summer School of Music, now in it’s 20th year.


Here are some of the highlights…

The bass player in my teenage ensemble who commits all the chord changes to memory and grooves his way through the tunes in his own way.

The girl in the same group who gave up two of her evenings in order to arrange one of the pieces for clarinet, alto sax, trombone, cello and violin.

Getting to work up close with a visually impaired piano player. Watching her feel and hear her way effortlessly through the chords.

Seeing my daughter become the latest in the long line of violinists who don’t smile and finally getting an explanation of why.

Telling one of the (secretly competitive) teaching staff about the high mark of 39 achieved by one of my students in the ‘how many correct 2-octave hands together scales can you play in 3 mins’ challenge. Laughing when I got a message after class that day telling me that she got 55.

Being astounded once again by the speed at which children pick things up.

And the biggest highlight (and there could be a full blog on this topic some other day actually) – this morning’s concert when I saw many of my students from the week proudly clapping on beats 2 and 4 when everyone else in the audience was on 1 and 3.