Some wisdom from Quincy…

Whatever way you look at it, Quincy Jones has had a remarkable music career.


The recent Netflix documentary on his life provided some wonderful insights into his life and methods. I really enjoyed the three below quotes.

On hard work –

“I always write at night. The muses come out then. Keep your score paper and pen right beside you…cause if you’re not up, God will take them down the road to Mancini” (Henry Mancini – another prolific and successful composer at the time).

On learning from those you admire – here is what legendary French teacher Nadia Boulanger said to Quincy when he went to study with her – “There are only 12 notes…so you should really investigate what everybody did with those 12 notes”.

And a nice but powerful rhyme on persistence and dedication that Quincy’s father used repeat to him –

“Once a task has just begun, never leave it till it’s done.

Be the labour great or small, Do it well or not at all”.