Religion, football and arguments

According to some estimates, there are over 4,000 religions in the world, all with different beliefs. Some diametrically opposed to others – so they can’t all be correct.

But that’s OK, because religion is faith-based, and scientific proof isn’t necessary to have faith, or belief in something.

james-coleman-QHRZv6PIW4s-unsplash.jpgIt reminds me of my friend and his unwavering belief in Manchester United. In all other aspects of his life, he is a rational adult human being, but when it comes to football he sometimes no longer looks for truth but rather for confirmation of his beliefs.

He doesn’t always seem to see the difference though.

And he’s not the only one. Which is why many people argue passionately about the merits of various football teams and religions. Because they believe they are arguing for truth.

But there will never be a winner in those arguments, firstly because there is no absolute truth, and secondly because when people are arguing based on beliefs it’s almost impossible to change them.

And it’s worth realising this before you engage in one.