The other side of the fence…

After a good gig, if you’re lucky, some people will approach you and tell you how much they enjoyed it.

If the gig was really good, this might happen a lot.

And when something happens a lot, it’s can be easy to forget the importance of the feeling behind each individual comment.


I was at the Hawk’s Well Theatre last night to watch Sachal Vasandani, Liane Carroll (both above), Sara Colman and the SJP Big Band (led by pianist and MD Malcolm Edmonstone) bring us through a programme of Nat King Cole numbers and other standards. The gig took a shape not unlike the format of a theme night, and I made sure to go to rehearsal to see how musicians of this calibre did things. The stage was set up along the lines of a theme night setup, and throughout the show I was looking at things with a theme night audience in mind.

Indeed I was sitting near a couple of theme night regulars, and at half-time they asked me – ‘so what’s it like from the other side of the fence’?

My answer – ‘unreal’. And it was. I won’t go into the details here, but I loved the gig and the performances so much that I wanted to convey my joy and amazement to each individual performer afterwards. Like I described other people doing in the opening paragraph. And I knew the musicians were hearing it for the umpteenth time that night, let alone this week, but I still wanted to let them know.

So to anyone who has ever enjoyed one of my gigs and let me know afterwards – thankyou. If I brought you even a fraction of what last night’s performers brought to me, well then that makes me very happy.