Leaving Cert Results Day

So today the class of 2019 got their results. Hopefully many have a really good feeling about them.

And lots of adults who got their own results many years ago will write about it on the internet, like I am doing now.

The predominant message is usually something along the lines of ‘these results don’t define you’, or ‘what’s for you won’t pass you by’, or ‘I got x results and now look what I’m doing’.

All good positive messages in my book, but what about the adults writing them, or adults in general – do we live by the same rules?

Because it’s not always easy to remember that success or failure in whatever we’re trying to achieve at a particular time (and that’s what the Leaving Cert is for anyone – no more, no less) doesn’t define us. If you know what it is that’s for you, well figure out how not to let it pass you by. And if a job, project or undertaking doesn’t work out, well we can always try something new.

We can get overly giddy if we achieve something and overly down on ourselves if we don’t, forgetting that the effort and work put in by us may be equal in both cases. And if you’re looking for something by which you can be defined, maybe that’s somewhere to start.