Repeat success

Today is All-Ireland hurling final day.

Tipperary v Kilkenny. Which is why these tickets are so easily come by.

You see if either of the less traditionally successful counties beaten in the semi-finals had won, tickets would be scarce today.

Because Wexford and Limerick don’t get to finals very often. And so the people of those counties would have turned out in greater numbers than the folks from Tipperary and Kilkenny, who are used to getting to finals.

What’s rare is wonderful. And what’s new is exciting.

It’s why a politician running for election for the the first time creates far more good will and excitement than when they run again. Or why a newly-done up pub gets all the Saturday night crowd in town for the next six months.

But to be repeatedly successful – to win multiple All-Ireland’s or elections, or to run a business that lasts the test of time – is not always as glamorous or as exciting, but it lasts.

And if it’s done in the right spirit? Well then it can create legacy and change our worlds for the better. And you become part of something bigger, something that matters.

Just ask today’s winners.